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TEVEMA's Cleanroom Technology

TEVEMA has focused heavily on the production of springs for semiconductor industry. With our own cleanroom, we are the first European supplier of springs with a cleanroom facility. This focus has led to expertise in manufacturing engineering springs without chemical residues, which is essential to the semiconductor industry.

Cleanroom from Tevema

“A cleanroom is a specially designed space in which the presence of suspended particles is strictly regulated and classified. The purpose of a cleanroom is to minimize the introduction, production and retention of particles in the room. Our cleanroom complies with an international standard (standard) ISO14644-1.”


After completing the complete cleaning process, the springs undergo individual conditioning. Then these cleaned springs are carefully packed in specially designed cleanroom packaging. In addition, for grade 2 vacuum packaging, we offer the option of vacuum sealing these special packages as well, contributing to an even higher level of purity and protection during storage and transport.


TEVEMA adheres to the ASML GSA Standards. The corresponding GSA standards provided by Tevema are grade two and grade four. Tevema’s cleanroom is specially certified to supply, as a supplier, in accordance with these grades. In addition to managing air flows and air cleaning, and minimizing human contact with the product, spring cleanliness is also ensured by maintaining strict protocols for packaging and transport.


The springs are routed from production to a pre-clean process and then brought into the clean room. At GSA Grade four, they undergo four post-treatment baths: one ultrasonic bath, two chemical baths and one drying drum to prevent rusting. For Grade two, the springs are treated in a cleanroom oven. After the process, all springs are checked individually in a black-room for chemical residues.

Frequently Asked Questions

A cleanroom is a controlled environment in which the concentration of particles and microorganisms is closely monitored and minimized. For engineering springs, a cleanroom is essential because it helps prevent contaminants that can affect the performance and life of the springs. Even small particles or dust can significantly reduce the performance of the springs.

Our clean room meets classification according to ISO 14644 Class 5 standards , with a specific focus on minimizing airborne particles. This means that our cleanroom is designed and managed to meet strict air quality requirements, including maximum allowable particle concentrations per cubic meter of air, airflow requirements and filtration systems to remove contaminants.

Cleanliness class for selected airborne particles

For cleanrooms and clean zones according to ISO 14644-1:2015

ISO Classification Number Maximum concentration limits (particles/m³ air) for particles equal to and larger than the dimensions specified below
≥0.1µm ≥0.2µm ≥0.3µm ≥0.5µm ≥1.0µm ≥5.0µm
ISO Class 1 10
ISO Class 2 100 24 10
ISO Class 3 1.000 237 102 35
ISO Class 4 10.000 2.370 1.020 352 83
ISO Class 5 100.000 23.700 10.200 3.520 832
ISO Class 6 1.000.000 237.000 102.000 35.200 8.320 293
ISO Class 7 352.000 83.200 2.930
ISO Class 8 3.520.000 832.000 29.300
ISO Class 9 35.200.000 8.320.000 293.000

To ensure the cleanliness of the springs, we follow strict procedures and protocols. This includes the use of special cleaning methods and equipment, regular inspections of both the springs and the clean room environment, and strict quality control measures throughout the production process.

Yes, to maintain the cleanliness of our cleanroom, we have specific guidelines for customers who wish to enter our facility. This is done by wearing special clothing such as cleanroom coats and shoes and limiting personal items that may interfere with the cleanliness of the environment.

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