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Agriculture and Horticulture

TEVEMA and the Agricultural Sector.

In the agricultural sector, TEVEMA plays a crucial role with their advanced spring solutions. These springs are essential in numerous agricultural machines and equipment ranging from tractors to irrigation systems. TEVEMA’s expertise in designing and manufacturing these springs ensures that agricultural operations are carried out efficiently and effectively, with a focus on durability and reliability.

Custom Springs for Various Agricultural Applications

TEVEMA understands that the agricultural sector is diverse and therefore offers customized solutions. Whether it is compression springs for heavy agricultural vehicles or torsion springs for advanced harvesters, TEVEMA’s technical know-how guarantees springs that perfectly match the specific needs of each agricultural application.

Agricultural Machinery

TEVEMA supplies customized springs for agricultural machinery manufacturers, including shaker tines, harrow tines, rake tines and pickup and reel tines. We work closely with various manufacturers in the agricultural sector to produce high-quality, springs that meet specific requirements. Our expertise includes the design and production of custom mechanical springs for various agricultural machines.

Agricultural parts

TEVEMA manufactures high-quality agricultural springs for various applications, including motorized equipment, irrigation systems, gates, carts, hoses and sprayers. We offer a wide range of standard compression springs, barrel springs, torsion springs and valve springs, and also make custom wire forms. Our springs are designed to provide optimum performance in a variety of agricultural environments.


Tevema specializes in manufacturing wire forms and leaf springs for the horticultural industry. These components are essential for various applications within horticulture such as supporting crops and regulating growth processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

TEVEMA’s technical springs, such as form springs, flat springs, and leaf springs, are specially designed to meet the high demands of the food industry. They are essential for absorbing and transmitting forces in food processing equipment, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Our springs are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel and undergo strict quality control. This ensures exceptional quality, longevity and safety, making our products not only meet but also exceed industry standards.

Stainless steel is used because of its smooth, protective and stable chromium oxide layer, making our springs resistant to corrosion and preventing food contamination. This is essential for maintaining hygiene in food processing environments.

Yes, TEVEMA offers custom solutions to meet the unique requirements of each food industry application. We design and produce springs that perfectly fit our customers’ specific needs, whether standard springs or specially designed components.

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