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TEVEMA's Innovative Contribution to Sustainable Construction

At the heart of the construction industry stands TEVEMA, a pioneer in developing spring solutions that promote sustainability in construction. Their expertise in metal wire technology is indispensable for the realization of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient construction projects. TEVEMA works closely with leading commercial construction companies, playing a crucial role in integrating advanced suspension systems into modern structures.

TEVEMA and the Resilience of Urban Infrastructure.

Urban infrastructure is under increasing pressure from climate change and natural events. TEVEMA plays a key role in this by supplying specially designed compression and torsion springs. These springs are essential for the foundations of skyscrapers, where they help absorb seismic vibrations, contributing to the safety and durability of these majestic structures.

Stability in Structures

Bridges and structures require flexible but robust components to ensure their integrity. TEVEMA’s innovative tension, compression and torsion springs are specifically designed to stabilize these structures. These spring mechanisms ensure a balanced distribution of forces, which is crucial for the longevity and reliability of such structures.

Bridges and locks

TEVEMA plays a vital role in bridge and lock construction with their high-quality poppet springs. These saucer springs are crucial to the effective and durable operation of these structures. They provide the necessary strength and flexibility to keep the moving parts of bridges and locks operating reliably and safely. TEVEMA’s focus on precision and quality

Diversity at TEVEMA

TEVEMA is distinguished by its customer-oriented approach and extensive product range. Whether standard springs or custom solutions, TEVEMA is ready to meet the specific requirements of any construction project. With an impressive stock of more than 20,000 spring types, combined with expert advice, TEVEMA is a reliable partner for every professional in the construction industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

TEVEMA specializes in the production of technical springs for the construction industry, with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency in construction projects. Their expertise lies in metal wire technology and developing spring solutions that are crucial for modern structures. TEVEMA supplies specifically designed compression, tension, torsion, and poppet springs that are essential for the stability and safety of structures such as skyscrapers, bridges, locks, and other structures. These springs play a key role in absorbing seismic vibrations, ensuring the integrity of structures, and facilitating the reliable operation of moving parts in structures. TEVEMA is further distinguished by a customer-oriented approach and an extensive range of more than 20,000 spring types, offering both standard springs and customized solutions to meet the specific requirements of each construction project.

Doors and windows: This type of spring is used in hinges to ensure proper closure and sealing. They are also used in window balances for easier lifting and holding open windows.

Elevators and escalators: Compression springs are used to absorb shock and vibration, provide stability and ensure smooth movement. They are also essential in the braking systems of these devices.

Bridge construction: Springs are used in expansion joints to allow movement of the bridge due to temperature changes, wind and other influences. These springs help maintain the structural integrity of the bridge and prevent damage.

Building maintenance: Compression springs are used in various building maintenance applications, such as in the suspension systems for HVAC units and in the opening and closing mechanisms of large access panels and doors.

Absolutely, TEVEMA offers special compression and torsion springs designed to absorb seismic vibrations, making them particularly suitable for use in infrastructure such as skyscrapers and other structures that must withstand extreme conditions.

Yes, TEVEMA specializes in both standard springs and custom solutions. With a range of more than 20,000 spring types and the ability to develop custom solutions, they can meet the specific requirements of each unique construction project.

Various construction machines and equipment are in use on most construction sites, and almost all of them are equipped with springs to provide optimum performance. Springs are crucial for various applications within the hydraulic systems or suspensions of these machines, ensuring smooth and safe operation, especially in rough terrain.

Excavators: Springs are used in excavator hydraulic systems to regulate the movement of the boom, arm and bucket.

Cranes: Cranes’ suspension systems contain springs that help absorb shock and vibration created when moving loads.

Bulldozers: Motor springs in the undercarriage and suspension systems of bulldozers help dampen shock and vibration while working on uneven terrain.

Asphalt pavers: Springs in the screed of asphalt pavers ensure a constant level and smooth surface of the asphalt.

TEVEMA provides both standard springs and customized solutions for all these applications, making them an essential partner for the construction industry that requires machinery adapted to specific needs and challenges of construction projects.

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