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Stamping & punching

Stamping: craftsmanship in metalworking

Stamping and punching are both fabrication techniques commonly applied in sheet metal processing and play a crucial role in the manufacturing of various metal parts. Stamping, also known as “blanking,” utilizes stamping presses to cut shapes from sheet material, while punching, known as “hole making in metal,” employs punching tools to create holes in the material. Both methods are particularly suitable for thin sheets and are renowned for their precision and efficiency. They are employed depending on the required operations on the sheet material, with stamping focusing on cutting out specific shapes and punching on creating holes and cutouts.

The core of stamping

Punching offers (almost) endless benefits and has a wide range of applications in numerous industries. The process is not only time-saving and cost-effective, but also offers unmatched productivity due to the continuous supply of belt material. A die-cutting machine can produce multiple copies of a given shape in a short period of time, making it an ideal choice for serial production.

Stamps: the heart of the die-cutting machine

Specific stamps are used for stamping, which are made with great care by toolmakers or stamp makers. Manufactured using machining techniques such as turning and milling, these stamps must match perfectly for optimal results. The use of state-of-the-art eroding machines and various joining techniques ensures that the parts of stamps can be accurately attached to each other.

Metal stamping at Tevema

With our 80-year commitment to precision and quality, we are known as the absolute go-to on the market for expertly stamped metal parts. We offer endless die-cutting possibilities and provide custom metal parts essential for the production of high-quality finished products. We support a wide range of industries, including scaffolding and climbing equipment, the greenhouse and horticulture industry, and many more.

Punching is more than just a technique; it is a skill that requires precision, efficiency and innovation. With specialized stamping solutions and the use of craftsmanship and technology, the industry offers unprecedented opportunities for the production of metal parts. Whether supporting the production chain or providing custom solutions, stamping remains an essential link in the metalworking industry.

Stamping & punching

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