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Creative design and production of springs

Technical springs since 1936

Tevema has been providing its customers with all kinds of technical springs and wire forms of high quality for more than 80 years. Tevema offers technical support in the design and engineering of your product in addition to fast delivery time for custom springs and prototyping. If you are interested in discovering our capabilities and solutions, please feel free to contact us.

Custom springs

We manufacture various types of technical springs according to drawing or model. We have the capacity to produce virtually any type of spring, within a wire diameter spectrum from 0.03 to 20 mm. Tevema also produces bent wire forms and stamped leaf springs.

Standard springs

Tevema is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of standard technical springs, available from stock. With a wide range of quality products, we strive to deliver to you quickly and at a favorable rate.

Suspension springs

Tevema, a leading European manufacturer and supplier of replacement car springs, produces springs under your brand for the aftermarket. Tevema also offers its exclusive label, Tevema Automotive Springs, through automotive sector wholesalers.

– Standard springs
– Custom springs

– Standard parts
– Car springs
– Stamp springs
Gas springs
– Nitrogen gas springs

Gechter hand presses

and much more.

Cleanroom in-house

We are the first European spring supplier with its own cleanroom. Since 2021, Tevema has invested in a clean room and related facilities. Tevema supplies Grade 2 and Grade 4 compliant products.

If required, TEVEMA can provide the cleaning and packaging processes in its own Cleanrooms. This is possible for TEVEMA products as well as other brands. This will save you considerable time and money!

Our operations


Tevema has the most advanced coiling machines, with a range of 0.08 to 20mm. To manufacture our products with extreme precision, we continuously invest in the latest computer-controlled machinery to ensure top quality.

Wire bending

Through our CNC controlled wire forming machines, we bend from 0.3 to 15mm. We are constantly committed to innovation by investing in the most advanced technology, including the latest generation of computer-controlled wire bending machines.


Tevema possesses fiber laser machines tailored for cutting and engraving sheet metal up to ± 6mm steel. These provide customers production flexibility without tooling intervention, maximizing geometric freedom.

Powder coating

Tevema has its own in-house powder coating line. Our coating meets standard salt spray tests ( ASTM B117 OR EN/ISO 9227) according to applicable Automotive standards. We guarantee TOP house quality and flexibility of coating in all existing RAL colors.

Solar panels

TEVEMA, a leading manufacturer of technical springs, recently invested in solar energy to make its production processes more sustainable. This move is part of our broader strategy to minimize our carbon footprint and emphasize our commitment to environmental protection.

Through this implementation, we demonstrate that effective production can seamlessly combine with ecological responsibility, and solidify our position as a forerunner in integrating technology with sustainability.

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