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Production and finishing


Production capacities

At Tevema, we bring life to metalworking with our advanced computer-controlled bending and winding equipment, state-of-the-art punching and bending machines and wire form technology.

– CNC-controlled bending and coiling machines from 0.02mm to 20mm
– Automates for wire form products
– Punching and multislide presses
– Grinding equipment
– Press brakes
– Laser cutting
– Wire sparking machine
– A comprehensive department equipped with a wide range of hand tools for the realization of specific models and prototypes.

Tevema’s extensive manufacturing facilities put us in a position to respond quickly and appropriately to your unique requirements. With our contemporary and advanced machinery, we are able to produce the most complex springs and wire constructions.



– Grinding up to 20mm
– Thermal treatment and finishing installations
– Equipment for bullet blasting and shot peening
– Powder/Epoxy coating in various RAL colors
– Assembly

Frequently Asked Questions

At Tevema, we use advanced computer-controlled bending and winding equipment, CNC machines, punching and multislide presses, grinding equipment, press brakes, laser cutting, and wire EDMs. We also have an extensive department of hand tools for specific models and prototypes.

We offer various finishes, including grinding to 20mm, heat treatment and finishing, ball blasting and shot peening, as well as powder/epoxy coating in various RAL colors. In addition, we can provide assembly services.

Our CNC-controlled bending and winding machines can process products from 0.02mm to 20mm, which means we can manufacture both small and large products. In addition, our equipment allows us to realize a wide range of wire forming products.

Yes, at Tevema we are able to produce both standard and custom springs and wire constructions. We have an extensive hand tooling department that allows us to realize specific models and prototypes to meet your unique requirements.

We work with various materials, including steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, and other special alloys. This enables us to make products that fit our customers’ specific needs and are suitable for different applications.

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