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Lighting Industry


In the Lighting Industry with TEVEMA

In the lighting industry, TEVEMA stands out with more than 80 years of experience in developing spring solutions. These industries require precision and innovation, and TEVEMA delivers this by providing custom wire forms and leaf springs essential to the functionality of lighting devices.

Customized Components

TEVEMA’s offerings in the lighting industry include specialized wire forms and leaf springs designed to meet the unique requirements of these industries. These products are made to customer specifications, with each wire shape and leaf spring tailored to the specific needs of lighting and electronic devices.

Technological Advances in the Lighting Industry

TEVEMA’s technological expertise in the lighting industry is evident in their ability to produce wire forms and leaf springs from a wire thickness as small as 0.08 mm. This precision, combined with a wide range of materials, makes TEVEMA an ideal partner for developing customized spring solutions in these industries.

Various Applications

TEVEMA’s products play a crucial role in various applications within the lighting industry. From lighting fixtures in horticulture to LED lighting in the consumer market, the quality and precision of TEVEMA’s springs are essential to the reliability and functionality of these products.

Customer Solutions

TEVEMA’s approach in the lighting industry is strongly customer-oriented. The company works closely with customers to develop spring elements for light switches and leaf springs for light spots, tailoring each product to the specific requirements of the lighting and electrical industries.

Service and Support

TEVEMA invites lighting industry professionals to discover their extensive range of spring solutions. With a focus on customer service and in-depth knowledge of these industries, TEVEMA provides effective, innovative solutions, backed by an easy and fast ordering process through their web shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

TEVEMA specializes in manufacturing wire forms and leaf springs, which are essential for various applications in the lighting and electrical industries. These products are customized according to the specific requirements of the customer.

TEVEMA is distinguished by its ability to produce products from a wire thickness of only 0.08 mm and in more than 16 different types of materials. This flexibility and precision in production allows for customized solutions that perfectly meet the needs of each customer.

TEVEMA’s products are used in a wide range of applications, including lighting fixtures and components for horticulture, utility, industrial, outdoor lighting, LED lighting and consumer lighting.

Customers can order easily and quickly through TEVEMA’s web shop, where an extensive range of more than 4,000 types of springs is available. For specific questions or custom solutions, please contact TEVEMA directly.

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