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Quality control

Quality control

TEVEMA has expanded its quality inspection capabilities by investing in a state-of-the-art Keyence 8010 measurement system, which complements its 3D inspection capabilities. This system can measure up to 300 dimensions simultaneously with high precision (2 µm) and speed, providing instant and detailed quality reports with Cp and Cpk values.

To ensure complete quality control, TEVEMA has advanced technologies such as and infrared sensors, and provides full production supervision with self-regulating machines that continuously improve production quality.

Measuring benches

Measurements are made using a variety of instruments, from 3D measuring benches to digital dials, and the test benches can handle multiple tests, complete with comprehensive quality reports.

TEVEMA’s entire operation is integrated into an advanced IT network, which allows direct traceability. Experience in the automotive industry and civil engineering enables TEVEMA to provide various quality reports, such as PPAP and 3D, to its customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Quality Control, performs quality checks and inspections for you, you have the assurance that your order will meet the requirements, specifications and needs. You will also use our quality checks and inspections to prevent any problems that may arise during production and slow down the production process.

During quality control, better known as quality inspection, the focus is on assessing the quality and accuracy of products. TEVEMA applies spring testing machines for this purpose. This involves checking dimensions such as wire thickness, lengths, diameters and forces. Durability tests on the springs can also be performed by TEVEMA. This by means of a servo-hydraulic testing machine. TEVEMA provides quality reports for a fee and upon request.

Our quality control begins with the procurement of high-quality raw materials, such as stainless steel of a certain quality. Then quality is monitored throughout the production process, from the first to the last inspection. During machine setup, production and before shipment, we perform checks according to established test plans. Our high-quality measuring equipment, such as jigs, laser micrometers, and qualified staff provide accurate measurements and testing, ensuring the highest quality.

  • NCI ISO certificate 9001 Netherlands
  • DEKRA ISO 9001
  • IATF certificate 16949 Poland

During the initial inspection of a spring, if it does not meet dimension or loading requirements, it is corrected and a second inspection follows. We repeat this until the spring meets all requirements. For custom-made products, we also conduct continuous random testing to identify and quickly correct deviations.

For functional performance of springs, we conduct stress simulations and workload tests. We do this with both computer simulations and practical tests.

These processes are closely monitored via sensors and cameras to ensure that springs meet both internal and customer requirements.

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