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TEVEMA has long been known as a leading supplier of compression springs in Europe. In addition to compression springs, we offer an extensive range of air springs, both available from stock and customized solutions.

Our air springs are available in a variety of designs, including the demountable design with clamp rings and plates for easy installation, the non-demountable design with mechanically crimped plates for secure attachment, and the clamp ring design that mounts directly to the machine. Each design comes with an air connection and various mounting options, so you will always find a suitable solution for your specific application.

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Standard air springs are available in both single and double convolution versions. Standard air springs up to a diameter of 80 mm are available with single convolution. Starting at a diameter of 80 mm, our standard air springs are available in both single and double convolution versions.


If you do not find your desired air spring among the standard springs, we can make the air spring for you. We can also perform springs in other materials and post-treatments. Please contact about this or call +31 20 682 2961

Customized air springs

Customized air springs for your specific needs

For specific applications, we at TEVEMA offer customized air springs tailored to your exact requirements. We develop air springs with variable dimensions, materials and constructions, suitable for higher pressures and extreme conditions such as high temperatures and aggressive chemicals. Our custom-made air springs offer superior vibration isolation and optimal performance, making them ideal for demanding industrial applications.

Custom-made air springs are available in natural rubber, neoprene, ethylene-propylene, silicone, fluoroelastomers and nitrile rubber. TEVEMA offers a wide range of materials to perfectly match your specific requirements for damping and load capacity.


Standard galvanized steel, AISI-304 stainless steel for high wear resistance, and AISI-316L stainless steel on request for extreme conditions.

Air Springs

Air bellows, known for their durability and performance, are widely used in industrial applications for vibration damping and as actuators. These air springs, made of multiple layers of rubber and reinforcing material such as textile or steel wire, offer a flexible yet robust solution that can handle heavy loads and effectively absorb vibration and noise. Their easy installation and low-maintenance design help reduce operational costs and downtime, making air bellows a preferred choice in industrial applications.


Automotive, transportation and logistics, mechanical engineering, energy production, building and construction.

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