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Wire forms

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TEVEMA has been known as a leading supplier of wire forms in Europe since 1936. If you are looking for wire forms and customized solutions, with us you will always find what you need.

Our bent wire parts are manufactured with the highest precision and craftsmanship, designed to meet the requirements of various industries. Using advanced 3D technology, infinite bending operations are possible. As a result, we guarantee components that are both durable and reliable for your application.


Specializing in producing both small and large batches of wire forms, Tevema guarantees high accuracy and small tolerances. This is made possible in part by our advanced CNC wire forming machines.


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Custom wire forms

We produce by machine from 0.2 mm to 15 mm and this both in spring steel and stainless steel. Of course, we can be of service to you for limited and small runs.


Spring steel, stainless steel, inconel, titanium, nicomic, phosphor bronze, …


TEVEMA offers the following post-treatment services: Chrome plating, nickel plating, chemical blackening, epoxying, coating, paint finishing, pickling and passivation, electropolishing, gold plating, silver plating and cleanroom packaging.


Our bent wire parts are ideal for use in vehicle structures, aerospace components, medical equipment, agriculture and horticulture, greenhouse construction, lighting industry, construction industry and more.

Technical Information

Technical Specifications:

● Wire diameter: 0.5 mm to 15.0 mm

● Tolerance depending on wire thickness

● Material strength: Depending on the chosen material applications

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