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Electrical Industry

TEVEMA's Role in Electrical Industry

In the electrical industry, TEVEMA plays a key role with their custom wire forms and leaf springs. These essential components are indispensable in a wide range of electronic devices. TEVEMA’s expertise, based on more than 80 years of experience, enables them to deliver products that meet the high standards of precision and innovation that characterize the industry.

P Precision in Miniaturization

The trend toward miniaturization in electronic devices requires components of exceptional precision. TEVEMA’s ability to produce wire forms and leaf springs from a wire thickness of only 0.03 mm makes them an indispensable partner in the development of compact electronic devices. These precision components find application in various electronic systems, from sensors to switches.

Diversity of material selection

TEVEMA stands out for their extensive range of materials, with more than 16 types to choose from. This diversity ensures that each product is specifically tailored to the unique requirements of the electrical industry, such as conductivity and durability. This focus on quality and material innovation confirms TEVEMA’s position as a reliable and versatile partner in the industry.

Customer-oriented customization

TEVEMA’s approach, focused on customization and close collaboration with customers, ensures that each product perfectly matches the specific needs of the application. Whether specialized devices or large-scale production, TEVEMA’s flexibility and customer focus are crucial to the success of projects in the electrical industry.

Collaboration as a Driver

TEVEMA’s commitment to innovation and collaboration drives their success in the electrical industry. By constantly striving to improve and align with the needs of their customers, TEVEMA contributes to the development of reliable and advanced electronic systems. Their role as industry partners is thus invaluable to the future of electronics.

Frequently Asked Questions

TEVEMA plays a crucial role in the electrical industry by supplying custom wire forms and leaf springs, which are essential for a wide range of electronic devices. Their expertise, built on more than 80 years of experience, enables them to offer products of high precision and innovation, crucial to the industry.

  • Torsion springs – provide rotational energy and are often used in components such as switches and electrical contacts.
  • Compression springs – which are among the most widely used springs in electronics. They are used in applications such as relays, motors and switches.
  • Wave springs – are designed for space-constrained applications where multiple springs are needed. They are used in valve actuators, pump seals and electrical connectors.
  • Conical springs – are used when low spring rate is required and space is limited. They are often used in cell phones, computers and other small electronic devices.

TEVEMA’s approach is focused on customization and close collaboration with their customers, ensuring that each product fits seamlessly with the specific needs of the application. This customer-oriented approach, whether for specialized equipment or large-scale production, is essential to the success of projects within the electrical industry.

The materials used for springs in electronic applications vary depending on the requirements of the application. Common materials for electronic springs are steel and titanium, which are widely used because of their strength, durability and corrosion resistance.

These materials are suitable for most applications, but there are situations where special materials are needed. For example, nickel alloys are used in applications where high temperatures and corrosion resistance are crucial. Cobalt chrome is another specialty material used in demanding applications that require high strength, durability and biocompatibility, such as medical implants and dental devices.

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