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Manufacturing technology


At Tevema, we bring life to metalworking with our advanced computer-controlled bending and winding equipment, state-of-the-art punching and bending machines and wire form technology.

– CNC-controlled bending and coiling machines from 0.02mm to 20mm
– Circuit breakers for wire form products
– Punching and multislide presses
– Grinding equipment
– Press brakes
– Laser cutting
– Wire sparking machine
– A comprehensive department equipped with a wide range of hand tools for the realization of specific models and prototypes.

Tevema’s extensive manufacturing facilities put us in a position to respond quickly and appropriately to your unique requirements. With our contemporary and advanced machinery, we are able to produce the most complex springs and wire constructions.


TEVEMA offers the following post-treatment services: Chrome plating, nickel plating, chemical blackening, epoxying, coating, paint finishing, pickling and passivation, electropolishing, gold plating, silver plating and cleanroom packaging.

Grinding from …….. to 20mm
– Thermal treatment and finishing installations
– Equipment for bullet blasting and shot peening
– Powder/Epoxy coating in various RAL colors
– Assembly

Cleanroom GSA 2 / GSA 4

Even minute contaminants as small as 30 nm can cause major problems in precision machinery, making surface cleanliness a top priority in precision engineering and high-tech industries. Tevema is responding by supplying parts such as compression springs, leaf springs and tension springs already cleaned, simplifying the assembly process of these cleaned parts. This precise cleanliness is not only essential for the production process in industries such as semiconductor, aerospace, etc., but is also required to support the electronics and medical sectors. Tevema’s carefully cleaned springs are indispensable for meeting strict GSA Grade 2 & 4 standards for finished products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tevema produces suspension springs up to 18 SiCr cold wound. They ensure that all suspension springs are made with excellent aftercare to ensure a lifetime value. The springs have classic shapes with different designs such as cylindrical ends, spiral ends, widened ends and conical springs.

Tevema Automotive Sp.z o.o. is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in Europe of replacement coil springs for the aftermarket. They produce about 1,300 different types of springs for more than 20,000 applications.

Tevema uses only pre-hardened chromium-silicon spring steel with a high tensile strength of up to 2,100 MPa. The springs undergo various processes such as heat treatment, grinding, presetting, surface protection and quality control. They also ensure that the springs are protected from corrosion by powder coating.

TEVEMA has been a supplier to the automotive industry since 2011. They offer a standard range of parts and also deliver to customer specifications. Tevema produces more than 1,500 different automotive suspension references in accordance with the standards of all European car manufacturers.

Tevema produces automotive suspensions in accordance with the standards of European car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Audi, GM, Opel, Fiat, Peugot, Daimler, Renault, Citroen, Ford and BMW.

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