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All your technical springs are available

Tevema is specialized in customizing technical springs, in large numbers and for single technical springs. All your technical springs are available on our webshop. For special springs, Tevema has the capability to produce custom made technical springs.

Tevema is specialized in customizing technical springs

Technical spring since 1936


Tevema compression springs

Compression springs

Technical springs

Tevema extension springs

Extension springs

Technical springs

Tevema torsion springs

Torsion springs

Technical springs

Die springs in ISO, JIS and US / Naam's.

Die springs

Technical springs

Tevema disc springs

Disc springs

Technical springs

Contant force springs

Force springs

Technical springs

Tevema gas springs

Gas springs

Gas springs

Nitrogen gas springs are used for mold industry.

Nitrogen Die springs

Gas springs

Suspension springs

Car springs

Gechter toggle presses

Toggle presses

Industrial presses

Singel, multi, sinus and more wave springs are available at Tevema.

Wave springs

Spring washers

Working boxes full of springs are useful for reselling or multiple usages.

Working boxes

Assortiments boxes

Tevema ring springs

Ring springs

Ring springs

Tevema norm components contains punches, drill bushes , and many more products

Norm components

Punches and more

Clamps and more leaf springs are available to be custom made by Tevema.

Leaf springs

Custom made

Wire forms in every form are available at Tevema.

Wire forms

Custom made

Tevema technical springs

Why Tevema

Spring Factory Tevema is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of technical standard springs and standard parts, available from stock. With a wide range of quality products, we deliver technical springs quickly and at an favorable price.

  • Fast delivery of catalog springs and standard parts
  • Graduated prices for the standard springs
  • Guaranteed quality delivery according DIN / NEN / ISO0
  • Delivery of prototypes

Need custom made springs?

Tevema has many possibilities for tailor-made springs. We produce from an wire thickness of 0.03 mm at any capacity.