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Conical Compression Springs

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Conical compression springs, also known as tapered springs, are a type of mechanical spring that is designed to compress under load. These springs are commonly used in various applications, including automotive suspension systems, valve actuators, and various industrial machinery.

Design and Construction

Conical compression springs are typically designed with a conical shape, which means that the diameter of the spring decreases as the spring compresses. This design allows the spring to store and releases energy more efficiently than a straight cylindrical spring of similar size and material.

These springs are commonly made from steel, although other materials such as stainless steel, brass, and titanium can also be used depending on the specific application. The spring is typically formed by winding the material around a conical mandrel, which produces the desired shape.

Advantages of Conical Compression Springs

There are several advantages to using conical compression springs in various applications. These advantages include:

Improved Energy Storage and Release

Due to their conical shape, these springs can store and release energy more efficiently than straight cylindrical springs. This means they can provide greater force for a given amount of material.

Reduced Solid Height

Conical compression springs typically have a lower solid height than straight cylindrical springs of similar size and material. This means they take up less space when not under load.

Reduced Buckling

These springs’ conical shape also helps reduce the risk of buckling under compression. This is especially important in applications where the spring is subjected to high loads.

Customizable Design

Conical compression springs can be designed with a wide range of dimensions and specifications to meet the specific needs of different applications. This includes variations in wire diameter, number of coils, and spring rate.


Conical compression springs are commonly used in a wide range of applications, including:

Automotive Suspension Systems

Conical compression springs are often used in automotive suspension systems to absorb shock and improve handling. These springs can also help to reduce body roll and improve stability.

Valve Actuators

Valve actuators commonly use these springs to provide the necessary force to open and close valves. They can also help to reduce the wear and tear on valve components.

Industrial Machinery

Conical compression springs are used in a wide range of industrial machinery, including presses, stamping machines, and various types of equipment that require precise force and motion control.


Conical compression springs are a versatile and reliable type of mechanical spring that can be used in various applications. They offer several advantages over straight cylindrical springs, including improved energy storage and release, reduced solid height, and customizable design. Whether you are designing an automotive suspension system, a valve actuator, or any other type of machinery, conical compression springs are worth considering.

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