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TEVEMA has been known as a leading supplier of saucer springs in Europe since 1936. Whether you are looking for dish springs from stock or custom solutions, you will find what you need with us.

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Of course you buy saucer springs from an experienced supplier such as TEVEMA from Almere. Not only do we have a wide range of standard technical springs and other products available, but we also have the right knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible service. So take advantage of our excellent service!


If you do not find your desired dish spring among the standard springs, we can make the dish spring for you. We can also perform springs in other materials and post-treatments. Please contact about this or call +31 20 682 2961

Bespoke saucer springs

Tailor-made saucer springs for your specific needs

Custom-made saucer springs are available in chrome vanadium (CrV4). TEVEMA works with a wide range of materials to meet your needs.


For the calculation of saucer springs, please refer to DIN 2092. The DIN 2092 has been changed to the DIN EN 16983


TEVEMA offers the following post-treatment options: ball blasting, phosphating, blackening and/or oiling


Medical devices, food processing, automotive, mechanical clocks, aerospace, power plants, electronics, defense, …

Technical Information

Feature Spring steel Stainless steel
Worker - -
Tolerances - -
Operating temperature - -
Implementation - -
Veereinden - -
Surface treatment - -

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