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Hometechnical information compression springs

Compression springs

This page contains technical information about compression springs. The standard working materials for compression springs and their maximum working temperature, the standard production method, aftertreatments and more.

Tevema spring production

Data standard compression springs

Our standard compression springs are made from music wire or stainless steel.

Material Data
Music wire: DIN 17223 C / No. 1.1200
Wire thickness >2 mm: EN10270-1:01 DH
Wire thickness <2 mm: EN10270-1:01 SH
Stainless steel DIN 17224 / X10CrNi 18-8 / AISI 302 / No. 1.4310 / EN 10270-3:01
Tolerances DIN 2095-2 / DIN 2098-2

Music wire operates in temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius. Stainless steel operates in temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius.

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Standard production methode

All coils on standard compression springs are right hand wound. The right hand coil direction is done so that compression springs can be screwed onto mating parts.

Compression springs from wire thickness 0.2-1.0 mm are squared but not ground. Springs from wire thickness 1.0-10 mm are squared and ground.

Aftertreatments on compression springs

Compression springs are oiled. This is mainly done to minimise the damage in the production process and for basic resistance against contaminants. The oil on standaard compression springs can be cleand on request.

Shot-peening is commenly requested for compression springs, but is not standard.

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Different types of coil springs

Tevema produces all five types of spiral springs. Each type of spiral spring has a different application. The five types of coil springs are: constant pitch coil springs, conical coil springs, barrel coil springs, hourglass coil springs and variable coil coil springs. This piece explains the five types of coil springs.

Need custom made compression springs?

TEVEMA has many posibilities for tailor-made springs. We produce from an wire thickness of 0.03 mm at any capacity.