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Category: Technical spring classifications and types

What causes tension in a spring?

Tension in a spring occurs when an external force is applied, resulting in the stretching or elongation of the spring. This applied force displaces the atoms or molecules within the spring material from their equilibrium positions, leading to the spring’s ability to store potential energy. Springs are widely used in various applications, ranging from mechanical […]

Is Tensile Stress or Strain?

Tensile stress and strain are fundamental concepts in materials engineering and mechanics. Understanding these terms is essential for various applications, ranging from designing structures to assessing the strength and durability of materials. This article will explore the meaning and significance of tensile stress and strain, their relationship, and their practical implications. Tensile Stress Tensile stress […]

Can Steel Fail in Compression? Uncovering the Facts.

Can Steel Fail in Compression? Uncovering the Facts.

Can Steel Fail in Compression? In various industries, people commonly use steel as a material, but can it fail when subjected to compression? In this article, we delve into the different failure modes of steel under compression, exploring both brittle and ductile failure. We also discuss the fundamental properties of steel that influence its performance in […]