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Category: Are compression or extension springs better

What are the Disadvantages of Compression Springs?

Compression springs are a type of mechanical spring that provides resistance to compressive forces. They are commonly used in various applications, including automotive engines, industrial machinery, and consumer products. While compression springs offer many benefits, such as compact size and high load capacity, they also have some disadvantages that need to be considered. This article […]

The Long and Short of It: Is a longer spring stiffer?

Springs are ubiquitous in modern mechanical systems. They are used for everything from stabilizing bridges, keeping cars on the road, and cushioning furniture. One of the most important characteristics of a spring is its stiffness, which determines how much it will deform under a given load. Stiffness is defined as the force required to produce […]

Do Stiffer Springs Exert More Force?

The Importance of Understanding Stiffness and Force Springs are everywhere, from the suspension in our cars to the doors we use every day—understanding how springs work is crucial in many fields, such as mechanical engineering, physics, and material science. One fundamental concept to understand is the relationship between stiffness and force exertion. Stiffness refers to […]