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Springs used in machines for semiconductors

Technical precision has been a priority since the start of TEVEMA in 1936. With our years of experience in producing springs for semiconductor machines, we know how important it is to make perfect technical springs without chemical residues.

The Tevema cleanroom is excelent for grade 2 and grade 4 springs
Springs grade 2 cleanness

Grades cleaning

Because of our experience with one of the leading players which supplies equipment to produce semiconductors. We have the constant urge to deliver the highest possible standards in completely clean technical springs.
Our technical springs are cleaned on request to the following classifications.

  • GSA 07 4320 class 4
  • GSA 07 2220 class 2 vacium
  • GSA 07 2310 class 2 surface.

With our own cleanroom in ISO class 6 / 7.

Cleanroom springs

Custom made springs for semiconductor

All our products can be cleaned with the previous classifications. Also when it comes to our standard program, or a specially made spring of 0.03 mm to 20 mm wire. Our posibilities

  • Set up an pernament stock, so there is an fast delivery of custom made springs
  • Experience in calculating springs
  • Our standard stock that guarantees our fast delivery
  • 16 different kinds of after treatments.
Tevema spring production

Standard springs

Or choose out of our range of 36.000 standard springs. With our next day shipping methode, all standard springs are deliverd the next day. All standard springs can be cleaned on request. Our standard springs have the advantages of:

  • Fast delivery
  • Graduated prices
  • Posible to order small quantities at ease
  • If you can’t find your spring here, we make it for you

Custom and stock technical
springs solutions

Tevema is one of Europe’s biggest suppliers of technical standard springs and norm components from a permanent stock. Our aim is to deliver as soon as possible a wide range of quality products at reasonable prices.