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Springs used in the Aerospace

Precision springs that are used in the Aerospace need to have the safety critical class 1 or class 2. For the safety and reliability of springs the springs need to be produced with the utmost care by experts in the art of spring making. After the springs are made, the right aftercare ensures the technical lifetime of the springs. Read more about our springs and aftercare for the Aerospace below.

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Aerospace Springs

Springs need to be designed to ensure their working in specific environments. The right design on fatigue life, relaxation and ultimately cost are not taken lightly at TEVEMA. We offer

  • More than 36.000 standard springs.
  • Advice on spring design.
  • Automatic and human control of springs.
  • Producing springs from wire thickness of 0.03 mm.
  • Producing small (>1) and large batches springs.

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& material types

TEVEMA offers more than 14 kinds of aftertreatments and produces in almost all workable kinds of materials. For the Aerospace we have:

On request we can make springs and wire forms traceable.


Springs in the Aerospace sometimes need to be cleaned from any chemical residue. TEVEMA has the possibility to clean springs in Grade 2 and Grade 4. That’s ISO class 5 (ISO 14644) for Grade 2 and Grade 4 is better then ISO classes.

Clean springs are becomming more populair because our products are becoming smaller. When producing smaller products the chance of contamination in manufacturing becomes higher.

TEVEMA cleans springs on request in grade 2 and grade 4. Ask us all about the cleaning of springs, or order your clean springs at TEVEMA.

Custom and stock
technical springs solutions

TEVEMA is one of Europe’s biggest suppliers of technical standard springs and norm components from a permanent stock. Our aim is to deliver as soon as possible a wide range of quality products at reasonable prices.