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Tool and mold making springs solutions

Springs in the tool and mold making industry have an wide implementation. Springs can be used in the tools that come out the machines or are used in the machines. Tevema offers an wide range of technical springs for the tool and mold-making industry. With the production capacity to make springs from wire thickness 0.03 mm and with more than 20.000 kinds of springs in stock. Tevema is the spring distributor for the tool and mold making industry.

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Die springs

Die springs, also known as heavy duty springs are commonly used to get the right pressure length between the pressure pad and the shoe when pressure is applied. Die springs can also be found behind form pressure pads and binder rings.

Tevema has a wide range of ISO, JISS and Raymond Die springs. Personally we prefer the ISO die springs, because they have strict regulations on the free length, where the Raymond springs lack those strict regulations. Because of this, we made comparison between the die springs many Raymond Die springs can be switched for ISO die springs.

In our webshop you can always find an ISO die spring when the parameters are interchangeable. If you want to learn more about Die springs, take a look at our blog.

Nitrogen gas springs

Markets are always searching for new techniques to make their production go faster and more precise. Nitrogen gas springs is one of those techniques in the tool and mold-making industry. These springs introduces the possibility to deliver variable forces with the same spring, or an precise force when you need it.

Nitrogen gas springs conform the ISO ISO 11901 contains several groups: Ejectors, Punches, Mini nitrogen gas springs, Mini length nitrogen gas springs, ISO nitrogen gas springs, High forces with ISO nitrogen gas springs, Nitrogen gas springs with less noise and vibrations, Piston rod sealed nitrogen gas springs and bore sealed nitrogen gas springs.

We understand that its difficult to change an process from standard springs to nitrogen gas springs. At Tevema we are happy to answer your questions about it.

Norm components

Tevema has the springs and norm components for separation techniques and processes in punching. In these machines or processes many norm components are needed. Tevema has the delivers norm components as extra service for customers.

All our norm components are made confirm the DIN and ISO norms. Tevema delivers punches, kern pins, ejectors, drilling bushes and cutting bushes. Tevema has the springs and norm components for separation techniques and processes in punching.

Because of our wide range in products Tevema is an reliable partner for all norm components for the tool and mold-making industries.

Tevema as your spring distributor

No Matter what kinds of springs you need for your tool and mold making machines, Tevema got your back. With more than 20.000 standard springs and the possibility to make springs from an 0.03 wire thickness Tevema is your partner in technical springs.