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History of TEVEMA

since 1936

In the period 1936 – 1966

In this period TEVEMA grew quickly from just an proprietorship into the largest spring factory in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. There are some publications left from this time. On the right you can see an vacancy for a secretary. And an placement in an national paper below. On this page you read all about TEVEMA History.

grayscale photography of man wearing cowboy hat and button-up long-sleeved shirt

In the period 1966 – 1981

The year of 1966 TEVEMA grew so much that it had took the interest of the American multinational, The Barnes Group. The Barnes Group was, in that time interested in only the most important spring factory’s in Europe.

In the period 1981 – 1988

But it was not all sunshine, other spring factories in Europe that the Barnes Group took over were having financial problems. Because of this the Barnes Group decided to back out of Europe. This is when TEVEMA became a family business. In this period TEVEMA made the decision to split up business units to ensure quality, planning and cost price. The main focus of TEVEMA was and still is to have an very extensive stock range in combination with extensive production capacity. TEVEMA still works closely with some of the surviving business units that were split from TEVEMA.

In the period 1988 – 1996

This periode the standard springs as we know them now (as shown in our webshop) were defined. TEVEMA has an share in making this catalogue of standard springs. For all technical standard springs, TEVEMA Technical Supply was established. Before most companies had it, TEVEMA already had the concept: “Call us! Ordered before 12.00, delivered tomorrow.” TEVEMA Amsterdam was established to make custom made springs on customers demand. In this same period TEVEMA Belgium NV was established with the same concept.

amsterdam tevema 1996

In the period 1996 – 2002

The introduction of TEVEMA Automotive

The introduction of TEVEMA Automotive was so succesfull that TEVEMA needed to look for better and newer production capacities. TEVEMA found the posibilities in Poland, where in 1996 an spring factory was opend, under the offical name TEVEMA KUDOWA SP.Z.o.o.

Because of the high demand from Germany and Poland, the factory of TEVEMA Poland is equipped with state-of-the-art production machines to ensure quality and quantity.

First start of TEVEMA Automotive

TEVEMA grew in customers, but more and more Automotive companies knew how to find TEVEMA for their needs. In 1994 TEVEMA Amsterdam grew out of Amsterdam and was moved to “Beek and Donk”. In the new location TEVEMA grew even further and established TEVEMA Automotive.

In the period 2002 – 2012

In this period TEVEMA laid the focus to proof their quality. Only the ISO 9001 certificate wasn’t enough anymore. In 2006 TEVEMA Automotive has successfully gained the ISO/TS 16949 certificate trough DEKRA. With this TEVEMA has proven itszelf as an solid partner in the Automotive sector.

tevema technical springs

In the period 2012 – 2020

In this period TEVEMA opened a business in Moscow to ensure their quality in Russia and Ukraine. With the growth of TEVEMA, our products expanded in whole of Europe. With important customers in Automotive, Tool and Mold industry, Lightning and Electro industry, Aerospace and Semiconductor industry; TEVEMA springs are widely used. Visit our webshop.