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Springs used in the automotive industry

TEVEMA automotive has technical spring projects for the OEM automotive sector in belt tensioners, opening systems, car suspensions, seat systems, fuel filler systems and roof systems. TEVEMA is suitable for projects in tier 1 and tier 2 in the OEM Springs Automotive sector.

Automotive springs
suspension springs

Certified OEM partner

Since 2011, TEVEMA has been a supplier for the automotive industry. In addition to a standard range of standard parts, we can also deliver to customer specifications.

Tevema produces more than 1500 different references of car suspension in accordance to the norms of all European car manufacturers, such as Volkswagen, Audi, GM, Opel, Fiat, Peugot, Daimler, Renault, Citroen, Ford and BMW.

  • IAFT 16949
  • Tier 1 and tier 2 OEM
  • Range from 0,03 mm wire thickness

suspension springs

Suspension springs for automotive

For optimal conform and drivers experience, suspension systems are used. TEVEMA has an wide range of suspension springs for all types of cars. TEVEMA has also the capability to make other suspension springs that are not in our standard catalogue.

  • More than 16.000 suspension springs
  • High quality chromium silicon pre-hardened steel
  • High standards in quality control
  • 5 year product warranty

Springs for automotive components

Tevema automotive supplies several components for the Automotive industry: such as safetybelts, seat-torsion springs and fuel lockers.
The used materials are carefully selected and tested. This allows Tevema to guarantee a high quality and durability of the products.

Custom and stock technical
springs solutions

Tevema is one of Europe’s biggest suppliers of technical standard springs and norm components from a permanent stock. Our aim is to deliver as soon as possible a wide range of quality products at reasonable prices.