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GSA grade 2 & grade 4 Springs

In the past year, Tevema has invested in its own cleanroom. With our own cleanroom, we are the first European spring supplier with a cleanroom in house. Cleaned springs ensure that no contamination comes off the springs. Cleaned springs are used in machines for the high-tech, chip producers, aerospace machinery. Read more about our cleanroom and the cleanroom springs

  • Why a cleanroom for springs?
  • What are grade 2 and grade 4 springs?
  • What are cleaned springs for?

Why a cleanroom for springs?

Springs are produced from “dirty” materials in machines that are oiled. The dirt and oil comes off the spring and into the machines during use. The cleanroom ensures that no more contamination can come out of the spring. The importance of clean springs is important for machines in Aerospace, high-tech and chip productions. The cleanroom is specifically based on our springs. All baths are designed to match our springs. This makes the process of cleaning springs more efficient and effective.

In addition to pollution of the product itself, products have to do with human pollution. There is no direct human contact with the product in the clean room. With protective clothing and high-quality technical aids, Tevema ensures that the cleanroom also remains clean.

What are grade 2 and grade 4 springs?

To maintain the highest standards in the market, we adhere to the ASML GSA Standards of Beauty. The corresponding GSA standards that Tevema supplies are grade two and grade four. Tevema’s cleanroom is specially certified as a supplier to deliver in accordance with these grades. In addition to the air flow, air cleaning, no-human contact with the product, the cleanliness of springs is based on the following process.

The springs are from production to a pre-clean process, after which the springs go into the cleanroom. At Grade four GSA, the springs undergo four bath after-treatments. One ultrasonic bath, two chemical baths and one tumble dryer. The tumble dryer is to prevent rusting. At grade two, the springs are fired in a cleanroom oven.
After the process, all springs are individually checked in a black room for any chemical residues. Springs that still have chemical residues undergo the entire process again.

After the entire cleaning process, the springs are individually packed. The cleaned springs are packed in special cleanroom packaging. For grade 2 vacuum, we also have the option of vacuum packaging the special packaging.

Why cleanroom springs?

Particles as small as 30 nm can cause defects in machines. That is why the cleanliness of surfaces is becoming increasingly important in precision mechanics, mechatronics and other high-tech companies. Cleaning is a must in the process towards a high-tech end product. Tevema shifts the responsibility from cleaning springs in Grade 2 and 4 more to the components of the machine (think of cleaned compression springs/leaf springs or cleaned extension springs, etc.). By supplying the components already clean, the installation process of cleaned components is simplified. With this, Tevema helps to provide chain solutions for, among others, the semiconductor industry, the aerospace industry and the automotive industry. But this also relieves the electronic and medical industry. Tevema’s springs also serve as a stepping stone to produce the end products in GSA grade 1.

You can order grade 2 springs and grade 4 springs from Tevema.

With the step to deliver a GSA grade 2 and grade 4, Tevema has proactively taken a step towards chain integration and unburdening its customers. Tevema’s own cleanroom is at your disposal for springs up to 10 mm wire thickness, with lengths up to 3,000 mm (untensioned). Do you have an application that is not covered there? Then we engage one of our partners. Request your Grade 2 springs or Grade 4 springs via sales@tevema.com.