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Suspension springs for the aftermarket

Suspension springs are produced for the aftermarket. Tevema produces suspension springs up till 18 SiCr cold wired. All suspension springs are made with excellent aftercare to ensure live time value. Read more about Tevema’s suspension springs.


Tevema springs  are used in classical shapes

Explanations of spring design:

C  – Cylindrical end

I   –  Pigital end       

U –  Widened end     

-conical spring


Tevema Automotive Sp.z o.o. is one of Europe’s leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket replacement coil-springs. We manufacture around 1 300 different types of springs for over 20 000 applications.


For manufacturing our springs, we use exclusively chrome silicon prehardened spring steel with a high tensile strength of up to 2.100 MPa.

We use wire only from modern European steel mills.

Spring coiling

We use exclusively cold forming technology for the wire range up to 18 mm.The wire is cold formed to spring shape in computer controlled automatic coiling machines.

Heat treatment

the heat treatment after spring forming has two objectives:

  • to reduce the undesired residual stresses (stress reliving)
  • to change structure and hardness


Grinding is a machining operation where the distance of the grinding wheels and the speed of the loading plate must be adapted to each other so that the required values of the solid length,  end thickness and grinding angle are kept.


Presetting of springs is a manufacturing process establishing a favorable residual stress distribution in a spring by preloading it higher than elastic limit of the material.

Surface protection

Springs are protected against corrosion by powder coating

Quality control

Measuring techniques and comprehensive quality management system guarantee the best functionality :

  • Crack detection system – 100% visual inspection of wire
  • Material strength inspection
  • Lifecycle inspection
  • Corrosion resistance (salt spray testing, coating thickness)


All suspension springs have printed part numbers and packed individually in cartons. The labels are additionally provided with individual barcodes.

Tevema Quality

Tevema ensures their quality. We do this by producing according the ISO9001 and the IATF 16949 standards. With these quality certificates, we constantly update our production processes.