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Lighting and electro industry spring solutions

Tevema understands that you want a spring to conduct energy to the max, or an technical spring that doesn’t conduct energy. Finding the right spring can be quite a challenge. Tevema produces with different kinds of materials for technical springs. With our experience to make from custom made, to standard technical springs in the lightning and electro industry. Tevema is the European partner for your lightning spring.

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Wire forms and leaf springs

Wire forms and leaf springs are an important feature in many products we see today. Because wire forms and leaf springs are always made to customer specification or model, Tevema enjoys making the ever changing products. There are many challenges in perfecting the wire form and leaf spring, and well, it’s in Tevema’s nature to strife to perfection in every spring.

Wire forms and leaf springs can be made at smallest from an wire thickness of 0.03 mm. Wire forms and leaf springs can be made in any quantity.

Tevema has the possibility to produce in over 16 kinds of materials, and has an extensive range of aftercare for your wire forms or/and leaf springs.

Standard springs

Our standard range of springs containing more than 4.000.000 different kinds of springs are compatible with features in the lighting and electro industry. With the possibility to make custom made springs at your request Tevema is the partner for your technical springs. With experiences in fields as push buttons for light control with an compression spring, constant force springs in fixing modules and many more.

All our technical springs can be produced from an wire thickness of 0.03 mm. Tevema also has the possibility to produce technical springs in any quantity, with 16 different materials. With the extensive range of aftercare every spring can be as you desired. Find your spring online at our webshop. or make contact with us.

Heavy springs

Heavy springs are used in electricity pylons, power shells, rotating solar panels and many more applications in the electro industry. With exposure to the environment that the springs are placed, the right aftercare can make the difference in an springs lifetime value. Failure in getting the right aftertreatment or spring can result in catastrophic power reductions or even power outage.

For all technical uses Tevema produces the right spring with care. Ask our customer services to help with the beste aftertreatment or material to use when ordering the spring. With our large production capacitiy we like to be challenged.

Tevema as your spring distributor

Tevema is one of Europe’s biggest suppliers of technical standard springs and norm components from a permanent stock. Our aim is to deliver as soon as possible a wide range of quality products at reasonable prices.