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Standard springs

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Our goals

1 — Fast delivery of all springs in our standard range

With Tevema Technical Supply we strive to deliver standard technical springs within 24 hours. The first step in this process is to inform our customers about our options in standard springs. The next step is making our ordering process as smooth as possible through our online ordering processes. Our online ordering processes are directly linked to our warehouse where all standard technical springs are always in stock. Thanks to an number of systems, many springs orders are quickly put together and delivered as a package. Within the EU we strive for a maximum delivery time of three days.

Our goals

2 — The widest possible technical options for producing springs according to customer specifications

Our goal is to have all suspension solutions available at Tevema. Thanks to the latest technologies in our factories we produce 90% of all species of springs in many materials. Tevema’s service doesn’t stop at our spring, with more than 14 kinds of aftertreatments most springs solutions are available.

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Our goals

3 — Discover and form partnerships for modern technical spring solutions.

Every year we are the source of information for springs for more than 165,000 companies, schools and institutions. Knowledge is always better when it is shared. The market for spring solutions is not ever standing still. At Tevema, we talk to various partners around the world about innovations in suspension solutions. It is irresponsible to keep certain knowledge in-house, which is why we are always looking for partners to share our knowledge, or to take their knowledge to us. This is how Tevema ensures the distribution and storage of knowledge.

For many people, a technical spring is just a spring. Tevema knows that one spring is the difference between a stationary and a moving object. That one spring makes the difference between motion and standstill, that’s only possible through technical perfection.

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Sam Barnasconi
Marketing Manager
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