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FAQ Nitrogen gas springs

At Tevema, we have the ISO 11901 gas springs and the “normal” gas springs. Normal gas compression and tension springs are those found in cars and consumer goods. ISO11901 compliant gas springs are specially made for dies and heavy industrial applications.

ISO 11901 nitrogen gas springs

Nitrogen gas springs are typically used in stamping houses and dies. Especially when installation space is limited and where forces must be high, nitrogen gas springs conforming to ISO 11901 are ideally suited. The gas springs are divided into several versions and series. Versions are products built on the idea of gas springs, these include:

  1. Nitrogen gas ejectors
  2. Mini compression springs
  3. ISO standard
  4. Nitrogen gas punch nipples (current only on request)

Normal gas springs

Normal gas springs consist of:

  1. Gas pressure springs
  2. Host stretch springs
  3. Adjustable gas springs

As an additional option, you can order an attachment feature from us.

ISO 11901 specifies dimensions, in millimeters, nominal initial forces and type of gas springs.

The ISO 11901 applies to gas springs of type 900 to 100 000, pressurized with nitrogen with a nominal initial force between 900 N and 100 600 N, the nitrogen gas springs are intended for use in pressing tools.

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