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Development & sustainability

TEVEMA has no active position in this regard. Although TEVEMA’s products are used in innovative solutions in the field of renewable energy.

Due to our quality management systems and processes, TEVEMA has a low error rate in production & reduces TEVEMA’s waste/rejection.

TEVEMA takes and cares for its personnel. In addition, TEVEMA expects the same from its partners.

Regardless of restrictions, nationality, political views, age and any other points, TEVEMA hires its staff.

TEVEMA ensures fair wages in all its production facilities.

No use is made by TEVEMA its partners:

– Child labor

– Unfair wages

– Unfair working hours.

Although TEVEMA’s products certainly contribute to this.

Does TEVEMA not have an active stance in this because it is outside our industry.

Health of all employees is guaranteed in accordance with Dutch law.

TEVEMA also expects its partners to adhere to the minimum requirement of the law in their respective countries and strive for the Dutch standard of employee health.

The products are produced so that there is no significant impact on the health of employees.

Internal personal development is encouraged and has its own budget space.

Often TEVEMA functions as a knowledge base for schools on technical springs. Here TEVEMA is happy to help make knowledge public and shared as much as possible.

TEVEMA is a company with no starting point on gender.

A person is a person with us, regardless of gender.

TEVEMA has no active position in this regard. Although TEVEMA’s products are certainly used in water treatment systems.

TEVEMA provides innovation in products and spring specialists. The suspension devices themselves are not very innovative but the way they are deployed is. This is where TEVEMA works to ensure sustainable industrialization, innovation and continuity.

TEVEMA takes care of all its employees in accordance with the laws of the countries and the preceding points. After this, TEVEMA has no active position.

In this, TEVEMA has no active position or influence.

TEVEMA uses only fairly acquired and sustainably sourced materials. Furthermore, TEVEMA has no active position in this regard.

In this, TEVEMA has no influence and no opinion.

TEVEMA does not discriminate.

TEVEMA establishes relationships with potential partners in areas of knowledge as much as possible.

TEVEMA communicates openly about its activities.

TEVEMA provides implementation resources and constantly seeks new partnerships to continue developments. Sustainability of developments is one of the criteria here.

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