If you would like to receive our ISO 9001:2008 or TS16949:2009 certificate please send an email to sales@tevema.com and we will send it to you as soon as possible.


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Download herewith our REACH statements:

REACH Dutch companies

REACH Polisch companies


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Download herewith our ROHS statements:

ROHS Dutch companies

ROHS Polish companies


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All our products are made according to the actual DIN, NEN or ISO norms.

For the theoretical calculation of our springs we reffer to DIN-Taschenbuch 29, Federn 1 en DIN-Taschenbuch 349 Federn 2.

3.1 Materiaalcertificats are available for free. Ask our sales department.

Measuring reports are delivered on request. We charge a small fee from € 15,-, depending on the quantities

COC declarations are made on request, ask for the possibilities and costs

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